Do you have a farm on Facebook, FarmVille?

Answer I'm sorry, I don't use Facebook that much.

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How to Know If Farmville Farm Equipment is Worth the Expense?

When you first start playing FarmVille, you'll have no choice but to plant, harvest, and plow by hand. As your farm grows and you move up to new levels, however, you'll have the opportunity to purc... Read More »

Where can I sell my farmville farm, as is, including livestock?

I thought you wanted to be my neighbor :(

How to Earn Lots of Farm Cash in Farmville?

The Farm Cash is one of the most wanted item in the game. It is as said by my Bro Ricky, the lifeblood of the game! Everytime there are demands for Farm Cash. It is tough to get and does almost eve... Read More »

How to get xp on farmville facebook?

Plow all the space on your land, plant fast-growing seeds on each plot, and harvest them as fast as you can. Continue repeating this cycle to get plenty of xp points. Add plenty of friends too, so ... Read More »