What is the current Direct TV promotion for AAA members?

Answer The best solution would be to get an adapter

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What is the current Dish Network promotion for new customers?

"Dish Network continuously offers promotions and offers to existing ,new and switching customers.Its best to contact their customer care representatives to check out the best package tailored to me... Read More »

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Did the Selective Training and Service Act of 1940 provide for officer promotion to temporary rank or was promotion of officers covered under the U.S. National Defense Tax Act of 1940?

Yes. Here is a list of the military bases in Virginia, by service branch. (Note: These are only major installations.) ArmyFort A.P. HillFort LeeFort EustisFort BelvoirNavy & Marine Corps.Marine Cor... Read More »

How to Find the Current in a Parallel RLC Circuit Using the Current Divider Rule?

A parallel RLC circuit is comprise of resistors, a capacitor and an inductor arranged parallel to each other. This arrangement means that the circuit has two branches connected separately across th... Read More »