How to Officially Have a Crush on Someone?

Answer Sometimes you really want to have a crush on someone, but you just don't know how. This was initally intended for guys, but if any girls are welcome to use this advice, too.

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How to Recognize That You Have a Crush on Someone?

Admitting to yourself that you have a crush on someone can be difficult. This is especially hard if you don't exactly know if you feel friendly or feel in love instead. If you are having trouble re... Read More »

You are 19 and your sister is 12 you have a cute crush and a little bit attracted sexually but knows it's wrong She is very mature for her age why you have the crush Is this just a phase?

Incest, don't even think about it. Look for a girl with maybe the same kind of personality or if you must, same looks? But if you stick with the idea of you and your 12 year old sister, I'd suggest... Read More »

How to Find out if Your Crush Likes Someone Else?

It has happened to everyone... you see this guy or girl and you are just blown away! But now you want to know whether they might have their eye on someone else. Here are a few ways you can see whet... Read More »

What do i do when my crush is dating someone else?

On One Hand: Keep Your Focus on PositivesWhen a person you care about chooses to date someone else, it can be very painful and carry a host of mixed emotions. Allow yourself to feel remorse, but do... Read More »