Do you have a craving What is it?

Answer SUPER VEGGIE BURRITO - made of warm brown rice, cooked black beans, chopped tomatoes, shredded lettuce, onions, cilantro, juicy salsa and guacamole wrapped in whole wheat hot stoved tortilla.

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What is something you have a craving for?

Fish tacos♥ The place i use to get it from went out of business because of our wonderful economy♥

Why do you have a pickle craving?

it is actually not the pickle you crave, but the vinegar the cucumber is pickled in. This happens a lot to people, especially girls who are on or near their periods. People have cravings for vinega... Read More »

I have a craving for toast and marmalade...?

Why have you been craving foods?

When you crave food, it's your body telling that you've a deficiency.