Do you have a c.b. radio in your private vehicle and?

Answer In my handle is hot.

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Will liability insurance pay for company property in a private vehicle if the vehicle is destroyed by fire?

Answer usually no, but your homeowners MAY, and your employers might as well....most auto policys specifically exclude any and all personal property, and homeowners (under personal property covera... Read More »

How to Transfer a Private Number Plate to Your Vehicle?

Instruction to carry out a vehicle to vehicle number plate transfer in the UK.

Does a traffic officer has an authority to hold your vehicle in a private road without any violations?

an officer an do anything he wants to do....they have the higher authority than us.

How to Retrieve a Radio Code from a GM Vehicle?

Did you just install either a new car battery or new head unit? Well, here's how to get the radio code from the factory head unit.