I have abdominal tb. I have kissed my boyfriend and have had sex with him many times. have I spread tb to him?

Answer I am not a doctor and this is NOT medical advice=================================I assume:1. he already knows of the condition2. he is already immunizedThe good news I will also assume you know, if... Read More »

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How do you get a boyfriend Do you have to be pretty Do you have to be nice have a good?

You and your boyfriend had tried to have a baby and you never got pregnant.can he have kids?

the weird thing is that me and my boyfriend were trying to have a baby. We thought that he was unable to have kids. We gave up trying and I ended up getting pregnant. Pregnancy seems to want to com... Read More »

Everytime you have sex with your boyfriend you bleed really bad but its only for about a hour you have not had a period in over 3 months what do you do?

See a doctor. If you're young and your parents don't know you are having sex (and you don't want them to know) then go to your local Planned Parenthood. Its confidential and affordable.

Are there any successful stories where two young teens have stayed together and can honestly say they're happy because you're 18 and your boyfriend is 21 and you have a baby boy due in November?

Yes, I can honestly say that there are teens out there who have stayed together and are happy because me and my husband are proof. I am 19 and my husband is 21. We've been married since July 2003 a... Read More »