Do you have a You Tube account?

Answer Well, you can sign up for free. and YES, I have one. It's Celestial Sunberry.

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Does any one have a you tube account?

In my new you tube account,why do I have my old playlists,but when I click on it, it is empty ?

It would have been nice had you told us whether your playlists included your videos or just other people's. Also, when did you close your account? A few hours ago or quite a few days ago? I believe... Read More »

How can I get a you tube account from my gmail account?

first open your google mail account and then click on the word YOUTUBEor go to and sign in using your google accounts login & password

What do you have to edit to have a You Tube video fill up the entire You Tube player screen?

YouTube likes widescreen video, so make sure your videos are 16:9