Do you have a MySpace?

Answer yeah it ain't a stupid question it's pain to figure out my cuz which is 10yrs younger showed me... go to pick a background you like rightclick on code and hit select all and... Read More »

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How to Have Two Pictures in One on MySpace?

With a free graphics program, professional photo editing helps you fix photos on MySpace to show off your skills. MySpace lets you upload multiple photos at a time, but if you want to combine two p... Read More »

How many of you have a myspace?

i do, and i am on it about everyday sometimes 2-3 times a day... i have found soooo many friends i used to hang out's great

Do you have a myspace or facebook?

I have both, I recommend getting both. No harm in signing up for 2 different things. If you had to pick 1 I highly prefer myspace. Probably won't be your friend though (sorry, honesty)

Why should i have a myspace?

too keep in touch with all your close friends