Do you have "Rage Against The Machine" moments with your Printer as well?

Answer "Killing In the Name" of frustrated printer owners everywhere!

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Well i have a epson printer and i can't install with out no disk,it did not come with one what should i do?

What can you do if your ex-husband has mind-washed your children against you and you haven't talked with your son for 2 years even though you have joint custody?

I would get a better lawyer! Document the incidents of control, even better have someone witness one!==Answer==If you have joint custody, you need to get it enforced. As a parent, you need to know ... Read More »

Have you ever cracked anyone over the head with anything,in a fit of rage?

My brother. With a super soaker. He hit me with the phone first! And it was only a very tiny super soaker!

How to Avoid Embarrassing Moments when Watching a Movie With Your Parents?

You're watching a movie with your parents. It's R-rated but hey, it's a horror/crime movie so the rating probably comes from the blood or something, nothing to worry about, right? Then like out of ... Read More »