Do you have Norton 360 on your computer?

Answer I dont Know why for some Reason Norton thinks thats its the BOSS of your system. I have McAfee and its really good. I had Norton on my computer for about 1 hour then i uninstalled it.

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Do you need Norton and McAfee on your computer?

On One Hand: Try Them FirstNorton and McAfee offer comprehensive Internet security software, as well as other software programs for specific uses. Both software companies allow customers to use sec... Read More »

Can I add norton to a second computer anytime?

There's no restriction for when you have to activate any of the licenses. You can activate one now and save the other two for later, or activate all three now, or save all three for later, or any c... Read More »

Why does Norton slow a computer down?

Norton antivirus slows down a computer because it will try to use the majority of your computer's systems to run checks and install updates. The settings that users establish will often be overridd... Read More »

Do I need Norton Utilities on my computer?

On One Hand: Norton Utilities Is an Easy ChoiceThe software product known as Norton Utilities provides an easy way for a beginner to learn about managing a computer and exploring various system uti... Read More »