Do you have ADSL for your computer or do you still use dial up?

Answer I am using ADSL to connect internet.ADSL is faster and cheaper compared with Dial up. So, If you are online often, you should choose ADSL. You can choose Dial up if you have a little time to be on... Read More »

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Is there any way to transfer your monthly adsl usage to another adsl?

Unfortunately, that's just how big ISP's make their money. It's similar to trying to argue getting a lunch buffet price for a full price dinner at the same restaurant.

How can I make my computer faster with dial up?

According to Business Insider, 10 percent of U.S. homes still connect to the Internet through a dial-up connection because residents cannot afford or do not have a broadband option. Some just do no... Read More »

Please , what I can do. My computer is as slow as dial up! I have DSL. My son says I have to much stuff.?

I see the problem.. 256 mb RAM.. get more RAM.Install a registry remover, CCleaner, and an anti-virus software just to be careful. Your best bet is to install more RAM (if you don't know how take y... Read More »

How to Record Phone Calls to My Computer Using Dial Up?

Although you can record VoIP conversations on a dial-up line, the sound quality of your conversations will suffer when compared to doing so over a high-speed connection. Before recording a VoIP cal... Read More »