I hate having this disease (diabetes) I just hate it . Will you PLEASE help me. I do not want your pity.?

Answer *support given* it'll be okay...just keep going on with life

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You HATE your older brother and he is 15 He always calls you names like a prick or he physically hurts you by punching you and he steals your money and uses your stuff and more What should you do?

Tell your parents what he does and how you feel about it.

Don't you hate it when your riding a bike and your mum throws a fridge at you?

Why do you think she tells you to wear a helmet?

What do you do when you hang out with the guy you like and your friends and your siblings hate him?

Did anybody else hate when you had a splinter in your foot and your parents got a needle to get it out?

i had all but forgotten that thank you for killing my mood. maybe i will torture me future children this way when they are bad make them walk bare footed in the woods lmao