Do you hate rap music?

Answer I am black and I don't hate rap music I hate alot of the lyrics that are put to the music. Not all rap music is bad, it's made to relate to others that listen to it. Some rap music is commercial to... Read More »

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How to Appreciate Country Music If You Hate It?

Country music isn't for everyone. Even if you absolutely detest it -- here are some suggestions. You don't have to love country music to listen and appreciate it.

How to Date a Death Metal Fan when You Hate the Music?

How do you do you date a death metal fan when you hate the music?

Should I post my own music on youtube I really would hate for people to steal any of my riffs?

Put only audio, not video. That is one way, they will not see how you do it. Put a Picture up over the Audio, not Video, of your guitar or you or both.

I really hate kids and I especially hate babies, but my man says it's time for us to get pregnant. Should I t?

It's totally fine if you don't want children.... that is your choice and nobody can tell you that it's wrong or selfish for feeling that way. However, you and your husband should have discussed thi... Read More »