Do you guys think facebook is kinda stupid?

Answer yes it has screwed most people's life

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What investigating detective show has 3 people 2 can kinda tell how the person died and the other 1 is kinda like their leader theirs 2 guys and 1 girl if u know can you please let me know thanks?

It's a Remington,I' m not sure which model,but it' s certainly noiseless and portable.

(Semi) Short, (kinda) stupid survey?

Favorite song with Monkey in the title? dont know what to say the monkey wont do- harry belafonteFavorite song that's exactly 6 minutes long, according to your media player? editFavorite title trac... Read More »

I feel kinda stupid asking this, but my laptop's cd drive will NOT pop out when I press the button...?

There should be a pinhole on the face of the eject plate that you can push and release the drive.

Iight kinda stupid question.. but yeah.. so wen i was 16 i had a root canal done wit NO novicane OR nothin?

If you had a root canal done with no Novacaine, then i'm positive you'll be fine getting the cavities filled without it. A root canal is way more painful than a filling. Fillings aren't even painfu... Read More »