Guys/Girls Which Body (PICS)?

Answer The far right, geez shes not een fat. look at her tummy its flat! he is just thinker and has wider hips. Curves rock and theres just a little more to love! xx~ Jodi

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Need guys opinion on boobs. (pics included)?

This question is gonna get SO many answers =)

No guys ever like me. Is there something i can do (pics)?

Wow your hot!, i think work on your stomach, I.E. sit ups and all other exercises that help the lower body, trust me i was fat and chubby but now i am 6 pack man!, good luck!

Do you guys like this dress (Pics included!)?

no because it looks like a strapless nightgown for a mermaid

How do you send pics in Facebook in chat?

go to inbox bit there a add button click in that and u should be able to add it if not use ebuddy chat