Do you guys have a computer?

Answer I own my own anti terrorist station.

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Computer guys I need your help!!?

try running the system with the disc drive disconnected hardware wise from the pc and use it for a day or something and see if it still does it.. fault hardware does very weird things.. its not all... Read More »

What kind of computer do you guys have?

1. DELL Inspirion XPS M8102. A P4 2.26 with 512 RAM3. IBM GL300 , a PI - 200 MHz , with 64 MB RAM

Can you guys help me out with my computer class homework?

Numbers near your questions would have been helpful...ApplyDocumentsGIF and JPEG (if you need to select 1, choose JPEG)Right-click the picture and choose Save Picture AsusbWindows Volume Control.A ... Read More »

I had errors on my computer and these guys called me.?

100% scam, plain and simple. Never give those scumbags any info. NO ONE will call you cold like that for tech support.