Some Questions For The Guys. ?

Answer 1. tattoos beneath semi-opaque tights/pantyhose is just horrible!2. wearing 6-7 inch heels - those with the raised platform. it just looks slutty and makes them taller than most guys! 3. a well-fit... Read More »

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Girls/Guys..what are some of the dumbest questions the opposite sex has asked you?

A girl once asked me what it's like to have a penis. My answer was, "I don't know. What's it like to have a vagina?" That wasn't dumb, just sufficiently awkward. It's hard to answer "What's it like... Read More »

Swollen lymph node questions Please help guys I'm getting scared again.?

It is NORMAL for weight to fluctuate throughout the day.It is NORMAL for a lymph node to start to reduce in size when you leave it alone for long enough.It is NORMAL to need 8 hours sleep out of 24... Read More »

Do you guys have any questions about nail polish, nail art, or nails?

What do you do when your nails turn yellow-ish from bad nail polish?How do you paint your nails without bubbles?How do you paint your nails without streaks?For french tips, should you use a pinkish... Read More »

On what series did a female college student work for SD-6 good guys until it turned out they were part of the Alliance of Twelve bad guys at which point she joined the CIA good guys more or le?