Please help!need advise from people with experience with a family member with cancer & relationships?

Answer Cancer is a HORRIBLE disease, not only for the patient but the family too. It weighs heavily on the emotional and character of everyone affected.Sadly it is a long process and very debilitating, cr... Read More »

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Can you give me advise about my eyes I left my glasses in my aunts car?

just wear the old ones, its just for a couple daysyour cute face will show through anyways

My husband passed away 4 weeks ago from stage four lung cancer i do not know how to cope please give me advise?

My husband died almost 6 months ago from stage four lung cancer. I am still having problems, but I am doing a little bit better. I cried to much and couldn't handle things at all. I was thinking... Read More »

Need some advise please?

Sounds like you have anxiety.... You don't have to take pills for it... But it helps. I am prescribed medication for anxiety but I try not to take it... Just when you are in the situations.. Breath... Read More »

Still no bfp please advise me :'(?

Hello hun...I know how your feeling... Ive had to stay away from Y/A for a bit because I find myself thinking about it too much and deep down I just want to forget about TTC for a while.. 17 months... Read More »