Do you get viruses from limewire?

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Do macs get viruses from LimeWire?

It is possible to get a virus from LimeWire on a Mac, but very unlikely. Unlike Microsoft's Windows operating systems, Mac OS X is based off of BSD, a Unix-like operating system which is very secur... Read More »

How do I remove viruses from LimeWire downloads?

Download ProgramDownload and install a program for combating malware and viruses such as Malwarebytes (see Resources section). Right-click on the file you downloaded from LimeWire. Select the "Scan... Read More »

Can I get Viruses from people sending me music files through Limewire?

Chances are you won't. Since the files have already been downloaded (and presumably played) by your friends, they will have confirmed that the files are in fact, mp3 files and not executables with... Read More »

Can limewire give you viruses xD?

The program itself won't give you a virus.If you download an mp3 file,you can't get a virus. Anything else, avoid downloading.Check the size of the file. If it's a song, it should be between 3 and ... Read More »