Hi how are you doing today im really tired and im trying to fall asleep. any ideas?

Answer Im good, thanks.Keep it dark, put on motzart (but stay off the computer/ipod/iphone)try (this sounds weird, but it works for me) to focus on something dark, so that everything else blends into da... Read More »

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Still tired on oxygen, i lose breath taking steps. can this improve or is this how people die?

Talk to your medical team.Part of the tiredness could be that your body is still recovering from the trauma of your treatments. It took me months after I finished chemo and radiation until I stopp... Read More »

Did Quantum Leap get cancelled when it did because Scott Bakula got tired of doing them after nearly 5 years?

No. Management at NBC decided to cancel the series and according to reports insisted on inserting the end card saying that Sam never returned home. Most people take it as a final finger in the eye ... Read More »

I know another mom has just done this...are you doing this too?

How illegal is this and can I get in trouble for doing this?

it depends on which store you return it to.. I think I'd see if walmart has the same product and buy it from there they dont check anything just make sure that its in the box. I think that the last... Read More »