Do you think you could ever love a child that was adopted the way you love your own?

Answer I agree with you but only if I had a biological child and an adopted child. If I were not able to have children then I think I would love that child as if I grew him or her inside of me. My husband... Read More »

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In love with someone that won't love me?

you never even met the guy.... this is just a crush you pre-teens smh

What is that song off avatar even if your love is lost you'll find the missing love inside your heart?

What's one song that you love that was released before you were born...?

"Rocket 88" - Jackie Brenston and his Delta Cats (Ike Turner)…

How to Tell Your Best Friend's Boyfriend That You Don't Love Him in That Way?

Best friends' boyfriends... They can be described in many ways. They're annoying, make you jealous, can be your best friends at times, but then, let's face it: they're also really, really fun to fl... Read More »