Do you get sick of all the requests on Facebook?

Answer I get stupid "what's your stripper name" or "what color are you"Last time I checked I was neither a color nor a stripper. So yes, it's very annoying.

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How do you stop friend requests for Facebook?

Technically u cant but I found out a way that u can do it!!Sign in to ur facebook. Then from the top right corner click on PRIVACY and then scroll all the way down... look at the right where it say... Read More »

How can I see my pending friend requests on Facebook?

there is an app on facebook called pending friend requests

Can u block game requests of facebook?

When someone sends you a game request and you don't already play that game or don't want to play that game at all, you have to click on the request. If you are new to the game, a window will pop ... Read More »

My Facebook is sending requests to people idk?

Thats could be a remind of the requests u hid that were not confirmed .otherwise i dont know