Do you get scared on your own in a house at night?

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How to Be Less Scared at Night?

Dog scaredScared of the dark? Worry every night about people watching you?Want to stop? Then read on.

Help! I cut my leg last night and I'm scared! Do I tell my mom!!!?

Why are you afraid to tell your mom you had an accident???Put coconut oil or an antibiotic ointment on it. Bandaids. And leave it alone for a few days and redo the dressing. You'll be fine.

How to Avoid Being Scared at Night?

A relaxed, non-scared sleeper.Having trouble sleeping because of the fear of darkness and insecurity? Follow these tips and you'll be able to slumber peacefully even in the darkest of rooms.

How to Request Help to Get Home Late at Night when You're Scared?

Getting home safely late at night can become a real problem if you are not prepared and if you do not have your own transport. Public transport may also not be the safest choice as crime is continu... Read More »