Why does Toxins usually cause more severe medical problems if exposure is during the first eight weeks of pregnancy rather than during the later weeks?

Answer Because it's in thise first weeks the main organs that will keep the body going is formed, the brain and heart etc.

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Can you travel during the first 2 weeks of pregnancy?

Is it painful during the first few weeks of pregnancy after a miscarriage?

There's usually signs of slight cramps but not too painful.

Are minor cramps normal during the first few weeks of pregnancy?

%REPLIES% Answer Yes, for some women it can be. Answer I talked to a GYN nurse this morning and asked that same question. She said, yes, it is possible and not uncommon. Answer I spoke to my doc... Read More »

What happens if you take medication during the first weeks of pregnancy?

%DETAILS% Answer Most likely you weren't pregnant, and a few pills for a cold aren't usually harmful to a fetus. You could have still been pregnant and misscarried but I don't believe there is any ... Read More »