How can you get low or no down payment general liability insurance for residential roofing until you get payed for your first few jobs subcontracting?

Answer Answer get a job in the roofing industry and save your money. after you have 1-3 years experience you will be a good risk, and you will be able to afford it. New ventures are difficult to insure.

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How do websites get "payed"?

Great question that I wonder about as well.Btw, it's "paid" ;).

Does a artist get payed off a mixtape?

Well from what I know, mixtapes are supposed to be free. It's sort of a way to get your name out there first, because why would you pay for someone's mixtape if you've never even heard of them? Wit... Read More »

How much to paramedics get payed in melbourne p/hr?

Try the Fair Work Australia website and search for the Ambulance and Patient Transport Industry award

How much does a dentist get payed ?

Dentists get payed A LOT, mostly because a lot of people have tooth problems, hence there are many patients per day. ALL dentists are RICH. But it takes a lot of hardwork, love for biology and pati... Read More »