Do you get pain meds after oral surgery?

Answer On One Hand: They Are RecommendedOral surgery is an invasive procedure and pain killers are recommended during the early stages of recovery. Depending on the seriousness of the surgery and any comp... Read More »

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I have a really bad tootth ache and i cant see my dentist until wed what can i do for pain no oral pain meds.?

Like other people have said oragel helps a lot. You could also try using ice cold water, swish it around until your ache becomes numb. Depending on where the pain is coming from you could try rin... Read More »

I have alot of medical problems & have been on pain meds for 17 yrs &will i need meds for life for pain manage?

You've asked the same question at least twice, and have not given valid details for anyone to give an answer. What are your problems? There may be answers for some of them.For example, are any of t... Read More »

Marsupialization how bad is the pain after surgery?

Pain was not bad I just had it done and I had packing in for one day and really the most painful part was pulling out the packing. I have Tylenol #3 for pain in case but surprisingly for a procedur... Read More »

Pain 2 months after root surgery?

Well, I was also in similar situation long tym ago. I had mine done almost 9 months ago & I'm still in pain. I have pain sometimes when I bite/chew on that tooth, but not all the time. I have sens... Read More »