Do you get paid on YouTube?

Answer Regular users don't get paid by YouTube but YouTube Partners do.Being a YouTube Partner is having ads put on your videos and you getting paid for having those ads. Companies pay YouTube to advertis... Read More »

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Youtube when do i get paid -?

keep patience ! let they review your payment pending !for sure you will be paid regards!

How to get paid on youtube?

That is a long process!First off you have to have a lot of views on all of your videos!You have to have people that come to your videos as they are posted and have a constant flow of people coming ... Read More »

How do you get paid from Youtube?

Contrary to popular belief, you don't "get paid" just for being a YouTube partner.Only in exceptional circumstances, when Google's "AdSense" program places"certain" advertisements alongside your vi... Read More »

Do you get paid from a youtube account?

dont make videos just to get paid u get paid if u get partner and if ppl watch your videos but if your just in it for the money dont make one bc ppl will just see right threw you and u will make 00... Read More »