Do you get paid during a medical residency programs?

Answer Yes, although because you are still in training and are not fully-licensed you do not make the full amount that you will as a working physician. The numbers vary by program, region of the country, ... Read More »

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Colleges With Medical Residency?

A doctor's medical education is long. First there is medical school, followed by an internship, which is followed by a residency. A doctor's residency is the final stage of her career; it is essent... Read More »

How to Ace Your Medical Residency Interview?

For some, the residency interview is the most frightening part of the application. However, interviews are not designed to be scary, especially not if you've prepared thoroughly.

Physician Assistant Residency Programs?

Physician assistants practice medicine under the supervision of doctors. These health care professionals must complete two-year programs, with many programs existing at the master's degree level. T... Read More »

Jobs for Medical Graduates Without Residency?

Medical school is soon over. The degree has taken a long time to complete but residency is another step that does not look appealing. There are other career option that may not pay as well but can ... Read More »