Why are so many people disgusted by breastfeeding?

Answer no idea. I think it's ludicrous that people compare breast feeding to urinating, defecating, and procreating in public too. breast feeding is protected by law and doing all of those things out in t... Read More »

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Why do some people get so disgusted about the breast feeding avatar pictures?

Seeing that breast feeding is far superior to bottle feeding most people who discourage the act itself are not too bright.I remember a while back a toy store that sold a Newborn magazine publicatio... Read More »

Nasty people on the internet?

Highly Doubtful. From what you describe the person sounds like a Stupid, un-resourceful, child who would have no idea how to find you.

How to Deal With Nasty People?

Those wearing rose colored spectacles can pretend life isn't filled with nasty people but it is. And those nasty people are often being nasty as a defensive approach to ward off people they're afra... Read More »

People on CB Radio are Nasty. Agree?

Yeah - some of them....... I live in a large urban area and a lot of freaks are there....... Hookers working the truck stops, locals that just want to trash talk and a few drug dealers.......Other ... Read More »