Do you get full custody if your husband is cheating?

Answer Answer I don't blame you for being hurt and angry and I know if you had your way you are angry enough to keep the children away from him. However, it's up to a judge to decide that one and as long... Read More »

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If your husband dies will his young child who he has full custody of be sent back to his mother or be allowed to stay with you the stepmother?

Answer Having full legal or physical custody. If it is full legal custody the mother has given up any legal claim to the child. If it is full physical custody with joint legal custody the child w... Read More »

What are the chances of your sister getting full custody of her son if her husband attempted suicide a while back and recently killed someone in an accident where he was driving drunk?

How should your ex-husband go about giving up custody so your current husband can adopt your son?

Answer If all are in agreement then contracts are signed through a lawyer. You want to be sure everything is done on the legal side.Good luckMarcyIn the US the parent who is relinquishing their ri... Read More »

Your ex husband and you got custody of your step daughter from dhr the mothers parental rights were not terminated how can you get custody of this child?