When you first get pregnant does the bottom of your stomach feel like your having period cramps?

Answer Mine sure did. It felt like i was getting ready to have the Period From Hell.

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Why do you have cramps when pregnant?

There are many reasons. Here are just a few: 1) Your uterus is expanding to make room for the baby. This causes mild cramps. 2) You are experiencing a dangerous ectopic pregnancy, which means the... Read More »

Do you still have cramps when you're pregnant?

Answer Some women do, especially around the time a period would come, 4, 8, 12 weeks. They usually stop after this and some women don't get them at all. Answer It is quite common to experience abd... Read More »

When you first become pregnant can you get stomach cramps?

YES Yes it is perfectly normal, even for the cramps to resemble period pains.

What do cramps after sex mean when you are pregnant?

Answer Depending on how far along you are and how large your partners penis is, most likely it is due to the penis banging into the uterus during sex. Tell your partner to be more gentle, if he is ... Read More »