Do you get college loans for the entire cost, or just that semester?

Answer Whatever you do, don't go with a "fly by night" loan company, use your bank or credit union. Sallie Mae servicing is another reputable company. To help save a little (a very little) try "Upromise... Read More »

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Is it possible to just take out federal loans for the rest of my college career?

Take out a loan if you need it, not because you want it.

Im having my period and just passed a blood clot that would fit in the entire palm of my hand. Any ideas why?

Dark, chunky clots of blood can be perfectly normal. Many women get them during their menstrual period when they have days of heavy cramping and heavy bleeding. Your body usually makes things calle... Read More »

Will I be able to get student loans if I did not attend school this last semester?

You need to contact your lender to find out the status firstly. If you did not default on any previous loans (i.e. you did not lapse on your six month grace period) you can register for school, def... Read More »

Are there any good ways to get money for college that are not student loans provided by schools?