Do you get charged for creating an itunes account?

Answer No.

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How do i add an itunes gift card to an itunes account?

Open iTunes on your computer. Click "Store" at the top and click "Sign In." Log in to your iTunes account. If you do not have an account, click the "Create New Account" and fill out the required in... Read More »

How do I pay using checking, and when is my account charged?

Paying with a CheckWrite out a check for the amount of your purchase, filling out the date, pay to, amount written longhand,amount in digits and signature. Your account will be charged once the ven... Read More »

How to switch iTunes account from credit card to iTunes gift card?

on the edit payment section delete your credit card information (ie. number) and press done. that should get your credit card off the account so it will use your gift card.

If I forward a text message to my email account, will I get charged?

Yes, off course you will be charged unless you have free texts. ;-)