Do you get bumbs on your face if your pregnant?

Answer Answer You have hormones changing so yes you can get bumps. Everyone has different things happen to them besides the obvious but we all get some kind of skin change. If the bumps are itchy then tr... Read More »

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Tiny Really Tiny Bumbs on my face.?

Oh, you have about four or five years of acne to look forward to, unless you go to a dermatologist.

How do I get rid of the redness and bumbs after waxing?

Usually those are from irritation. It only lasts like a couple of days and then it's gone. It should be gone before you go to Florida. See what us girls go through to make you men happy?!? If they... Read More »

What is a rash on the back of the thigh with little bumbs?

Answer If you're using an electric razor they could be ingrown hairs. Maybe you are having an allergic reaction to a type of skin care product you are using on them? A dermatologist would know best

How to Use Rubbing Alcohol on The Face When Pregnant?

Hormonal changes during pregnancy often result in oily skin, clogged pores and unpleasant, painful acne that is difficult to control and clear up. Rubbing alcohol can be used to dry the oils in the... Read More »