Do you find this FUNNY?

Answer yh... he he..... god is he mentaly offence

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Did you find this video funny?

Yes, and I have subscribed to you now =)My username is RunFromRainbows if you want to see what I have, nothing special yet hoping someday I can actually come up with a great idea lol

My mate Luke, 24, has recently contracted piles, anyone else find this funny?

Erm no i dont find it funny at all cos it can be very painfull please show some sympathy to your friend .

Is this funny?

omfg, I LOVE U!thats amazing, i wish i was there. mmm, ha, i knew guy who ran around the mall in a thong and got smackd around by a little old lady.HAHA i cant believe a guy asked him out! thats am... Read More »

How to Find a Funny Video?

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