Do you find there is alot of miss-information being given as advice on here?

Answer Yes, there's a saying about how, "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance then baffle them with BS" and that seems to be the meat industry's slogan and strategy. Remember when the beef producers t... Read More »

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Is there anyone else here who has never been given an orgasm from a man?

Only about 20% of all women can regularly achieve an orgasm from vaginal intercourse. Even if you are one of those lucky 20%, there's always the possibility that it takes you too long to achieve an... Read More »

My teacher had given me to find the operating system being used in my computer and search the net for informat?

Operating System Check:StartSearch, Control PanelDouble click SystemSearch Web For Info:Key in info at address bar(i.e., or try www. with search highlighted and type in so... Read More »

Where can you find information about being a mom at seventeen?

Answer You can attend parenting classes that would probably help

I Eat Alot And I need Advice?

you;re 13 you're still growing and it takes alot of energy. don't try to over eat to compensate it's how your body works let nature take its course you've still got a child's body you haven;t devel... Read More »