Do you find the thought of putting ketchup on your eggs disgusting?

Answer It's not for me but each to their own.

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Do you put ketchup on your eggs?

Hot sauce BBQ Sauce Or Ketchup Which do you like putting on your steak?

Good Morning to you Scooter! Most of the time i like BBQ Sauce! Once in a while i fire it up with a little Hot Sauce!

Is it ok to eat ketchup with scrambled eggs?

it not wierd.ketchup is tomatos so it shouldnt have much fat. but read the back on the bottle and make sure they dont put any bad things and of course thats ok to eat it as long as its whole wheat ... Read More »

If you masturbated and had a thought about your son masturbating and it turned you on but you do not want him sexually and hated the thought could it break up your marriage and should you worry?

No. That's incest big time. The thoughts of that you are having with your son is not a good thing for a mother . Consider the consequences of your actions.UPDATED ANSWER - No. it isn't incest. In m... Read More »