Do you find that people rush to help you in department stores while less attractive people continue to wait?

Answer Yes and that's really nice of them but the guy with the tazer and bullhorn yelling at the other shoppers to maintain a 30 foot buffer around me really kind of embarrasses me. I don't like to draw ... Read More »

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How can there be "ugly" people and "attractive" people?

you changed my mind a lot. I really am a b+tch when I think about it. Your totally right.

How can I find people on youtube by email if they have ticked the box of letting people find them?

ask the person what their email is. that is how.

Why do people continue to use wikipedia despite its incredible unreliability?

I've been studying this problem for years, and I have to conclude that it's related to some sort of severe bladder infection.

Why do people continue to SMOKE, despite all the HEALTH warnings?

Smoking is highly addictive. Quitting smoking is extremely difficult and hard on you mood, body, and mind.…Plus, smoking is fun. You play with fire and... Read More »