Do you find most people make a big deal over vegetarians?

Answer Yes it is annoying! People always ask what do you eat. How hard can it be to figure out what food is non-meat? But the most annoying question of all time is: "Don't you ever feel tempted to eat mea... Read More »

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How to Deal With People Who Make Fun of Your Appearance?

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Why do people wear costumes on lets make a deal?

because so they can be recognized and get picked.

Where can one find previous episodes of Let's Make a Deal online or order them from CBS?

Jim Broadbent. The same guy who played Professor Slughorn in the HP movies.

Why do people become vegetarians?

It just makes me feel sick. I've ate meat before but it never sat right with me. Blood running out of steak, meat on the bone I'd never have went near. Simply, it's not appetising.