Do you find it rude that people never make eye contact with other passengers on the tube and train.?

Answer Hiya hun,They've got no manners unfortunately. My experience on trains, buses etc has taught me to keep my head down as when I do smile at someone I normally get a total idiot sitting next to me wh... Read More »

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Where to find "eat my sh*t" song off the help off rude tube!?

you will find ANY record you want on youtube...and i really mean ANY record

In a train carriage, there are 84 passengers, 38 of whom are male. How many female passengers are there?

I find this blatant stereotyping of the sexes to be discriminatory to trans-sexuals and trans-gendered individuals. How very 20th century of you to think in those rigidly defined terms.

Is it just me or do other people find their Doctors rude?

I don't think mine is rude, just bloody arrogant, like, what are you wasting my time for, just take this prescription and leave

What are the most annoying habits of train passengers?

Blocking the doors, trying to get in before the people on the way out have left.And as all want to be where they are nearest the stairs, that set of doors will keep on unloading till well after all... Read More »