Do you find cooking therapeutic?

Answer Cooking? A therapeutic ingredient for life... Not only is it a great skill to have but it's relaxing and confident boosting. You don't even have to be good at cooking to do it. Just find a recipe, ... Read More »

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Where can you find a therapeutic riding stable near Houston?

You can go to the Houston SPCA and adopt a horse! Of course then you'd have to get the physical therapists to come to your stable, etc.Another, probably better, option is to go to SIRE Houston's Th... Read More »

Where to Find Culinary Arts Lessons on Cooking Techniques?

Learning fundamental cooking techniques can help you with most recipes. Once you know some techniques, you can experiment with ingredients and modify recipes to your own taste. If you have a passio... Read More »

Where to find refrigerator and stove like ones on Rachael Ray cooking show?

Her fridge is a Big Chill fridge go to and you will find it.

Is cooking sherry used just like infused cooking oils?

No. Oils and alcohols have two different functions. For example alcohols are frequently used to de-glaze a pan to start to use the burnt on goodies as the basis of a sauce or a gravy.