Do you feel that offsite chatboards tend to sap away Answers energy?

Answer It was my job, need for sleep, kids, and classes that kkept me off of answers until now (9:32 pm)

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Why is it that women tend to feel the cold more than women?

Men's bodies, on the whole, metabolize and maintain homeostasis (internal furnace in the winter, internal AC in the summer) better than women's do. It's something we needed during the caveman days,... Read More »

I feel sad right now because my mum is really ill. This is a serious question so serious answers only please.?

hi there. I'm a former cancer patient myself, a survivor. I can't tell you if she has cancer or not, but it's a good sign the doctor has not called by now or asked her to come in earlier. She mi... Read More »

How to Feel Welcome on Yahoo! Answers?

So you're new to Yahoo! Answers. Maybe you want to learn the ropes, maybe you just want to know how to seem 'cool' on Yahoo! Answers, maybe you want to have a picture, and some cool information abo... Read More »

Why do i feel so low on energy?

Try eating things that contain vitamin B which give you energy.