Do you feel that offsite chatboards tend to sap away Answers energy?

Answer It was my job, need for sleep, kids, and classes that kkept me off of answers until now (9:32 pm)

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Why is it that women tend to feel the cold more than women?

Men's bodies, on the whole, metabolize and maintain homeostasis (internal furnace in the winter, internal AC in the summer) better than women's do. It's something we needed during the caveman days,... Read More »

How many adoptees on Y/Answers feel the need to insist that they are happy?

Well, sort of.I get annoyed that if anything I say is even remotely positive, I get TD...not because I'm getting thumb's down, but because I think it's weird to resent someone for not being unhappy... Read More »

I just started playing Yahoo Answers - seems like it could be kind of addictive - anyone else feel that way ?

Welcome Oatie and be careful because it is!

Has there ever been a study done to show that slower drivers tend to cause more problems that faster drivers?

No. People who go the speed limit are only "slow" drivers because of maniacs who insist on going 40mph over the speed limit. If everyone is speeding like bats out of hell, then for your own preserv... Read More »