Do you feel like everything hurts a few days before you go into labor?

Answer Answer every pegnancy is different. some women experience the braxton hicks upto a few weeks berfore birth. some just go straight into labour. you will no when you go in labour trust me. if you are... Read More »

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When you're pregnant do you have symptoms evey day or can you actually feel fine some days and like death other days?

Answer you feel fine some days and like death the next because its the way the baby is inside of you! Answer My wife and I have five boys and I can promise you it is not only good and bad days bu... Read More »

What does back labor feel like if you are having a lot of low dull back pain with vaginal or pelvic pressure been very moody and want to know if you are in labor?

If you are in labor and receiving dull back pain the pain will progressively get worse to the point where it will feel like you are being stabbed from the behind. good luck Dull back pain is very c... Read More »

What kinds of changes happen to your body days before labor begins?

Answer From a 2x mom... you begin to waddle (the head drops down lower and the hormones begin to relax your joints even more), you can have sporadic contractions that help begin the dilation and ef... Read More »

When I'm sad, my heart hurts, then I feel like crying!?

That's completely normal. It's called heart ache and it happens to everyone, so don't worry about it.