Do you fear anything in your "on-line" life?

Answer Aww Bunches, didn't realise you was such a sensitive soul..!I think the same as Wackyone, if one of my fave contacts (and you is one of 'em boyo!) was to remove me from their list and block me I'd ... Read More »

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As a sister what would you do if your brother's wife interfere in your business - give unwanted advice and pass comment on you but you can't tell her anything in a fear of losing your loving brother?

Tell her "I'm sorry but I don't want or need these comments, this is my business and you have your own to worry about like my brother."If she doesn't like it she'll have to get over it.

If you're blind and never saw anything in your life, Do You See in your Dreams?

I'm not blind, but research has found that everyone dreams (blind people included) and in general, people's dream experience is similar to their waking experience. For those that were blind from bi... Read More »

Has your babies saved you from anything How would your life be if you've never had them?

My children have saved my life and that isn't a figure of speech. When I was younger I was faced with many health problems, that started the day I was born 2 month early. From childhood cancer to m... Read More »

How to Do Anything You Want to Do With Your Life?

Have you ever wondered, "Why can't I do anything with my life"? Read on to get a start on it.