Do you ever wonder if Wikipedia was created by a secret government for aliens?

Answer No

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I've seen many documents in wikipedia about aliens, do you think they exsist?

If you mean aliens from outer space, then I don't think so. When the question of aliens arises, have a look for someone or a business advertising something that's associated with aliens (even a mov... Read More »

What were ''homelands'' For what reason did the South African government say it created homelands. Why do you think it created homelands?

Many black families were forced to move to poor rural areas that were called Homeland. African government says it created homelands to stay separate with white and there were few jobs or resources ... Read More »

Do you believe the US government created the AIDS virus?

amazing the type of stuff people will believe without a single shred of even semi reliable evidence

Who created wikipedia?

The website Wikipedia was founded by three men: Ben Kovitz, Larry Sanger and Jimmy "Jimbo" Wales. It was in January 2001 that Kovitz originally suggested the idea of using existing wiki editing tec... Read More »