Do you ever wish you could just die so you won't be overweight anymore?

Answer I understand. I'm also 20 and obese. It is emotionally draining. To be honest, when i'm feel that kind of low about my weight i just stop eating. Or i o9vereat to numb the pain. Its a vicious cycle... Read More »

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Ladies, do you ever wish men had periods Do you ever wish men carried babies, breastfed?

god was crazy when he give women periods.yes it would be nice if men could give birth,have periods,carry a baby for 9 month.getting up to breast feed.

Have you ever gotten to a point where you just don't care anymore?

That literally describes this entire year for me. I stopped caring about school - which is why my grades suck ballsI stopped caring about my friends - I lost a lot of themI stopped caring about...p... Read More »

If i could grant you a wish right now - what would you wish for?

I would want our school system to be better than what it is now. To make sure they are using every material possible to give children a good education. There are ways to make learning fun, they jus... Read More »

Could anyone explain just how losing weight helps diabetes since not everyone who has diabetes is overweight?

Excess of fat in the fat cells reduces the body's ability to use insulin which affects the utilisation of blood sugar by the body cells....when u lose some weight, that is when fat is lost, insulin... Read More »