Do you ever suspect some of your contacts are stoned when on Y!A?

Answer And your point? LMAO.....*passes pipe*.....

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If you suspect that you have a yeast infection is it ok to treat it even if you suspect that you are pregnant?

You should only take medicines with the advice of a doctor if you are pregnant.

Im really stoned.... help im 17?

You're only 17! Hun, you need to lay off the drugs.. i know everyone that does it seems okay now.. but you'll end up with serious problems! It's really not a good thing to do to your brain.On a sid... Read More »

What are the best munchies, when you're stoned?

Bugles. You can put one on every finger. It's very entertaining.

Of someone fell asleep stoned...?

Lol. Let him sleep until he wakes up, he'll be fine :)