Do you ever "stalk" people you have a crush on, on Facebook/Myspace?

Answer Lol yeah it isnt stalking tho cause that makes us sound like... Well .. Just Crazy!! haha we are just having a look at their photos and seeing wat they have been upto n stuff lol =] xxx

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How to Tell People That You Do Not Have a Crush?

It is common legend that every teen must have a crush. So, what do you do when the common question comes up, "Any girls/guys for you in the picture?" and the answer is "no?"

You are 19 and your sister is 12 you have a cute crush and a little bit attracted sexually but knows it's wrong She is very mature for her age why you have the crush Is this just a phase?

Incest, don't even think about it. Look for a girl with maybe the same kind of personality or if you must, same looks? But if you stick with the idea of you and your 12 year old sister, I'd suggest... Read More »

Does the FBI use aircraft to stalk people?

DID YOU KNOW that people can stalk you by...?

Thanks, I try to keep my info, vague and inaccurate.