Do you ever mouth your words as you type?

Answer Sometimes.--- LeeeN

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If i type a bunch of words with only capital letters how do I change these words to lowercase letters?

it depend what programme you used, in microsoft office word which i use there is an icon for this. if the document is not too long you can backspace each letter and substitute it's lower case equiv... Read More »

What type of plastic is in mouth bite guards?

Mouth guards are an important part of sports safety equipment. They not only protect a player's teeth, but can help prevent concussions and other head injuries. Mouth guards are made from thermopla... Read More »

What type of alcohol is used in Scope mouth wash?

Denatured alcohol is used in Scope mouthwash for its antimicrobial and antiseptic properties. The alcohol keeps the germs out of the bottle once it is opened and leaves a refreshing feeling in your... Read More »

How meany words a min can you type?

about 30wpm with my hands, 11wpm with my toes, 7wpm with my tongue, and 5 wpm with my nose.My penis can type about 3wpm, but I don't know what it types - it has a mind of it's own!