Do you ever look in your spam folder just out of curiosity.?

Answer If I didn't I wouldn't have known that I won the Nigerian lottery!!!

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Diabetics: Just out of curiosity, how many times a day do you check your blood sugar?

8-10Im on an insulin pump so I have to test more plus I have a great HbA1c

Just out of curiosity...what did it feel like when your water broke Where did it happen?

First of all Congratulations! And i completely understand you being nervous! I was over due by 8 days when my water broke, i felt like i pee'd my pants. I was at my husbands grandparents house for ... Read More »

Where is my spam folder?

Your spam folder is usually located on the left side of the page in your email account and could be called a variety of names, depending upon your email provider. Hotmail calls it "Junk Mail," Yaho... Read More »

How to Delete a Spam Folder?

Spam---unwanted online communication---accounts for approximately 14.5 billion global email messages daily, according to SpamLaw. In addition, it is estimated that spam costs businesses $20.5 billi... Read More »